Our Little Boy Guy


THERE'S a sweet little boy that I know very well,

And how dearly I love him I never can tell;

He is ever so roguish and cunning and shy;

If you ask him his name, he will tell you it's Guy.


He's a budget of fun, from his head to his toes,

And his little plump cheeks are as pink as a rose.

If he ever does anything wrong or amiss,

He makes it all right with a hug and a kiss.


He climbs on my knee, for he knows very well

That his auntie has lots of nice stories to tell.

He is brimful of questions from morning till night,

And he trusts to your patience to answer them right.


He knows we will answer as well as we can;

But sometimes we're caught by the dear little man.

Oh! What would we do if our darling should die?

Our sweet little, dear little, good little Guy!


And when I look into those sweet baby eyes,

So innocent, truthful, confiding, and wise,

I cannot but think of the long ago, when

The dear, loving Saviour was here among men.


And I do not wonder—indeed, I am sure

That he loved little children so gentle and pure!

Oh, if he were here he would never depart

Till he took little Guy to his dear, loving heart.


And then we would ask him to bless our sweet boy,

The light of our household, our comfort and joy;

And this is the answer I'm sure would be given,

"Of such is the kingdom—the kingdom of heaven."