SHOWER-TIME, flower-time,

Earth is new and fair;

May-time, hay-time,

Blossoms everywhere;

Nest-time, best time,

Days have longer grown;

Leaf-time, brief time,

Make it all your own;

Berry-time and cherry-time,

Songs of bird and bee;

But, of all the gay times,

Apple-time for me!

Wheat-time, sweet time,

In the closing year;

Sheaf-time, leaf-time,

Now will disappear;

Ice-time, nice time,

For a merry lad;

Snow-time, blow-time,

Earth is lone and sad;

Yellow ones and mellow ones

Dripping from the tree;

Rusty coats and pippins:

Apple-time for me.

George Cooper, 

in Nursery,