Happy childhood!

Once again I stand, 

In my silent dreaming,

On thy sunny strand; 

To mine eyes the laughter

Comes in place of tears, 

To my lip the music

Learned in cloudless years.

Once again the morning

Rosy red is born, 

And the yellow sunshine

Slants across the corn; 

Clearly pipes the black bird,

In the orchard trees, 

In the ruddy clover

Hum the drowsy bees.

On the sloping hillsides

Daisies whitely blow, 

While above them softly

Shade and sunshine go. 

Violets in the meadows

Blossom all untold, 

And the cowslips cluster

With their cups of gold.

Through the tender grasses

Barefoot children run, 

Funned by summer breezes,

Kissed by summer sun; 

All their pulses throbbing

To one blissful tune; 

All their days at dawning,

All their months are June!