Walk With Thee

Look from thy throne, 0 God, and see

An inexperienced youth, 

Who would desire to walk with thee

In all the ways of truth.

Jesus the path of youth has trod,

He knows our hopes and fears; 

I'll trust my sympathizing God

In all my joys and tears.

If I look forward, every scene

Is dubious and unknown; 

Perhaps my path may be serene,

Or with afflictions strown.

Yet, led by Thee, my heavenly guide,

Depending on thy care, 

I'll walk, kind Shepherd, near thy side,

Secure from every snare.

If all my earthly friends should die,

And leave me mourning here, 

Since God regards the orphan's cry,

Oh! what have I to fear?

If I am rich, he'll guard my heart

Temptations to withstand; 

And make me willing to impart

The bounties of his hand.

If I am poor, he can supply

Who has my table spread, 

Who feeds the ravens when they cry,

And fills the poor with bread.

If in the spring of youthful  bloom

I should be called to die, 

He'll guard my body in the tomb

And raise to worlds on high.


Battle  Creek.