THINGS floated away, 

And the day turned dark, 

  And papa wasn't at home, you know; 

And we didn't have any dove and ark,

Or mountain where we could go, 

Like they used to have some other year 

That time when the great flood was here.

"The wind blew the oak-tree down: (I guess

The Lord didn't know about the nest) 

And I thought this world was going to drown,

 Did Lewis tell you the rest? 

Well, if he didn't, well, then well, 

I guess somebody will have to tell.

"Now this was the way: One other night 

(I wish that Louis had told you then) 

When the moon was up we had a quarrel

About one of papa's men 

(That is the reason we didn't speak) 

He said that Jerry wasn't a Greek,

"But a Jew; so when the storm came up

I thought I must speak one little word 

To Louis before I should die!

So I told him about the bird, 

And the other birds out there in the nest 

That their mother hadn't even dressed!

"If it hadn't been for the rain, you see,

We never could have been friends again; 

And who would I have to play with me,

If it hadn't been for the rain? 

And Louis said he was glad to speak, 

But he thought that Jerry wasn't a Greek."