Come To The Fount Of Life

Written in an Album,

COME to the fount of life.

Come; for it floweth free:

Come to a Saviour's arras,

Who kindly welcomes thee.

Come; for the angel throne;

Wait with their harps of gold

To fill high heaven with song,

When a wanderer seeks the fold.

Come; for the gloomy course

Of the earth is almost run,

And the work of mercy soon

Will be forever done.

Come, while a little space

Is left us yet to flee

The tempter's fatal snares.

And the sinner's destiny.

The holy realms above

Which the righteous soon shall see,

The crystal stream of love,

And life's unfading tree;

Pleasures of heavenly birth,

And joys that ne'er decay,

Invite us hence from earth

To the realms of endless day.

The weary there shall rest,

The toils of life be o'er;

Ages will roll away,

But sorrow come no more.

Each hope that has cheered the saint,

Through darkness, toil and strife,

Shall then be all fulfilled

In the joys of eternal life.

Free is the rich reward:

Free is the welcome given,

If we will but seek the Lord,

And walk in the way to heaven.

The Spirit and bride say, Come;

And whoso will may share

The 'saints' eternal home,

And the fadeless glories there.

Then to the fount of life

Come, for it floweth free;

Come to a Saviour's arms

Who kindly welcomes thee.

Come, and the angel throng

Will joy with united breath.

That another soul has turned

From the way that leads to death.