Zion’s Ship

WHAT vessel is that sailing there,

That braves the surges so?

And will it stop and take me in,

For I would like to go?

'Tis called the good old "gospel ship,"

Hers is a loving crew;

So now make haste and step on board,

There's room enough for you.

But I have nothing here to pay,

For I am very poor:

0 never mind, your captain's kind,

He'll care for you the more.

But do you think she'll ever get through,

And anchor in the vale?

0 yes, for hope her anchor is,

And that can never fail.

What if some fearful storm should rise,

Amidst the gloom of night?

We'll trust our Pilot's skill, while faith

Strikes up a brilliant light.

King Jesus is our captain's name

The conquering Son of God:

And all on board his soldiers are,

The purchase of his blood.

And should the thunders loudly roar,

And lightnings blaze around:

Yet still a soul can ne'er be lost,

Which in that ship is found.

And let the earthquakes rend the earth,

The hurricanes arise

Unmoved amidst the wreck we'll stand

And upward lift our eyes.

But do you think she'll tarry long.

Where waves are dashing round?

0 no, she'll anchor very soon

That ship is homeward bound.