“GOD sees us," little Robbie mused,

Repeating thoughtfully 

The verse which on his lesson-page

That morning chanced to be: 

"God sees us every day and hour;

He knows whate'er we do, 

Not only when our deeds are good,

But when we're naughty, too.

"Oh, yes, I know, and when I'm good,

I'm glad he sees me, too; 

But, oh, I'm sorry God must know

Each naughty thing I do; 

I'm sure I want to please him, but

It's very hard to be 

At every time, the kind of boy

The good God likes to see."

Here Robbie paused; a moment sad,

Then suddenly he cried 

Right joyfully, "There is a way

I never yet have tried: 

When I am going to do wrong,

'God sees me,' I will say; 

I'm sure it's just the plan to try,

And I'll begin to-day."

Oh, think "God sees me," children all,

And strive right hard to be 

Always the kind of little folks

The good God loves to see! 

Such habit formed in early years,

With practice will grow strong, 

And often, in the future days,

Keep you from doing wrong.