WE are climbing up the mountain;

We have left the plain of sin; 

And though many foes are conquered

There are battles yet to win.

We have buckled on the armor, 

We have taken faith's broad shield,

And with Jesus for our leader, 

We are sure to gain the field.

But the other band of soldiers

Marches in a broad, smooth road;

We prefer the narrow pathway, 

‘Tis the one that Jesus trod.

Yes, we're toiling up the mountain, 

Oft by storms and trials driven,

For, though we could slide to ruin, 

We must climb to get to Heaven.

Does the way seem dark and lonely?

Christ is near, we're not alone, 

Does it seem a thorny pathway?

Jesus wore a thorny crown.

Onward, upward, we will journey, 

Looking forward to the prize,

Knowing that the cross awaits us 

Ere the crown will greet our eyes.

We will bear it after Jesus, 

His unflinching soldiers be;

Working, fighting, for our Saviour, 

Till we gain the victory. —