‘Tis a little thing to do 

To speak the word that's true 

Yet truth is always best, 

And he who speaks it, blest.

A smile's a little thing, 

Yet never birds that sing 

So sweetly grief beguile 

As one who gives a smile.

To bear another's load 

A moment on the road, 

Or ease another's need, 

Is but a little deed.

To soothe another's pain, 

Hoping for naught again, 

Is what a child can do, 

And find it easy, too.

Yet never once was lost 

A word or smile that cost 

But just a kindly thought 

That gave and counted not.

And fairer than a star 

Such deeds of kindness are 

Brighter than stars above, 

The words of truth and love.