Be There

"The King of that country, he is fair,

He's the joy and light of the place!

In his beauty we shall behold him there,

And bask in his smiling face.

We'll be there,

 we'll be there,

 in a little while,

We'll join the pure and the blest;

We'll have the palm, 

the robe, the crown,

And forever be at rest."

Home, My home, 

my own dear home,

It is a happy place,

Where smiles of love are brightening

Each dear familiar face

Where parents' arms enfold me

In fond embraces pressed,

And daily, nightly blessings,

Upon the household rest.

Our morning salutations,

How gladsomely they sound!

And kind "good nights" at evening,

Like curtains close us round.

The bird seeks not to wander

From its own quiet nest,

But deems it of all places

The dearest and the best.

Home is my nest, 

where round me

Soft sheltering wings are spread

And peace, and joy,

 and gladness,

With shade and sunlight shed.

Oh, may I bring no shadow

Of sorrow or of care,

To dim the open brightness

Of happy faces there.