Hymn Of Praise

WE would  praise thee, Heavenly Father,

For thy mercies  and  thy care, 

Unto  us,  poor, sinful  creatures,

And  thy children  everywhere.

Lord, we thank thee for the blessings

That thou givest us in  love, 

And we  know that every mercy,

Cometh to  us from  above.

Keep  us,  Lord,  and bless us daily,

Help us  all to  do  aright; 

Oh!  We  need thy loving watch care,

Every day  and every night.

Jesus, thou  hast  suffered for us, 

And for sinners  hast  thou  died,

Yes, to save  a world of rebels, 

Thou, O Lord, wast  crucified.

Oh!  How loving and  how gracious,

Oh!  How gentle  and how mild, 

Didst thou  come to  earth,  dear  Saviour,

Meek  and lowly,  like  a child.

We would love  thee for thy goodness, 

And would  praise thee for  thy might.

We would worship for  thy greatness, 

And would  in  thy law delight.

Give us sweet assurance daily,

That  our sins are  all forgiven; 

And when  done with  earth forever,

Let us rest with thee in  Heaven.


Ingham,  Co.,  Michigan