PRETTY, golden dandelions, 

With your seeds of feather, 

Starring all the country-side 

In the sunny weather; 

Violets filled with dewdrops, 

Delicate and sweet, 

Giving out your fragrance, 

Underneath our feet; 

Daisies in the meadow 

With your silver frills; 

Roses by the wayside, 

Kingcups on the hills; 

Starflowers and innocence, 

Windy, cloud-swept clover,—

Lovely little blossoms 

All the wide world over, 

When I see you crowding, 

I know that summer comes; 

Soon, I know, the bird sings; 

Soon the wild bee hums. 

When I see you blooming, 

All the honeyed crew, 

Into songs of gladness 

My heart blossoms too! 

G. Hall,

 in Our Continent.