Makes A Lady





WHAT is it makes a lady?

Asked my little girl of me,

One sunny summer morning,

As she stood beside my knee;

And I told her that it is not

Fine dress nor shining gold,

Nor all the bright and flashing gems

The caves of ocean hold;

But it is a gentle temper,

And thoughts of peace and love,

And a mind that seeks in all things

Some goodness from above;

That seeks another's comfort

Before it seeks its own,

And strives to live on earth the life

That is in heaven known.

It is this that makes a lady,

And not being rich or poor:

For kind thoughts, kind words, and acts

Make the lady, I am sure.

So think of this, my darling,

And to the truth be true,

And soon will love and kindness

A lady make of you.