For Thee

"Precious Saviour, let me sing, only for thee! 

Tiny off'rings I will bring, only for thee! 

Be my spirit's deep desire, only for thee! 

May my childish mind aspire, only for thee!

Only Christ who died for me,

Paid the price and made me free,

Now and through eternity,

Only for thee! "


THERE is a thief that walks the world,

In the quick noon-day and starless dark, 

Protean-like, now ringed and curled, 

Ragged anon, and grim and stark; 

And he plies his trade with a ceaseless skill, 

Defiantly, warily working ill.

But I trow the charm 

Will keep you from harm, 

If scored in your memory ever: 

Who walks in the street of by-and-by, will stop 

In the house of Never.