I'M very glad the spring is come:

The sun shines out so bright

The little birds upon the trees

Are singing for delight;

The young grass looks so fresh and green,

The lambkins sport and play,

And I can skip and run about

As merrily as they.

I like to see the daisy

And buttercups once more,

The primrose, and the cowslip too,

And every pretty flower;

I like to see the butterfly

Stretch out her painted wing,

And all things seem, just like myself,

So pleased to see the spring.

The fishes in the little brook

Are jumping up so high;

The lark is singing sweetly,

As mounting to the sky;

The rooks are building up their nests

Upon the great oak-tree,

And everything's as busy

And happy as can be.

There's not a cloud upon the sky,

There's nothing dark or sad;

I jump, and scarce know what to do,

I feel so very glad.

God must be very good, indeed,

Who made each pretty thing;

I'm sure we ought to love him much

For bringing back the spring.



Book of Songs.