Hold On.

HOLD on to your tongue 

when you are just ready

to swear, lie, speak harshly, 

or say any improper word.

Hold on to your hand 

when you are about

to strike, pinch, scratch, steal, 

or do any disobedient

or improper act.

Hold on to your foot 

when you are on the point of kicking, running away from duty, or pursuing the path of error, shame or crime.

Hold on to your temper 

when you are angry, excited

or imposed upon, 

or others are angry about you.

Hold on to your heart 

when evil associates

seek your company 

and invite you to join 

them in their games, 

mirth and revelry.

Hold on to your

good name at all times, 

for it is more valuable to you

than gold, high place, 

or fashionable attire.

Hold on to truth,

 for it will serve you well and do you

good through all eternity.

Hold on to your virtue,

it is above price to you 

in all times and places.

Hold on to your good character, 

for it is, and ever will be

your best wealth.


Some persons look upon religion as a medicine.