I saw a man, with tottering steps, 

Come down a graveled walk one day; 

The honored frost of many years 

Upon his scattered, thin locks lay. 

With trembling hand he strove to raise 

The latch that held the little gate, 

When rosy lips looked up and smiled,— 

A silvery child-voice said, "Please wait." 

A little girl ope'd wide the gate, 

And held it till he passed quite through, 

Then closed it, raising to his face 

Her modest eyes of winsome blue. 

"May Heaven bless you, little one," 

The old man said with tear-wet eyes: 

"Such deeds of kindness to the old 

Will be rewarded in the skies." 

'T was such a little thing to do,— 

A moment's time it took—no more; 

And then the dancing, graceful feet 

Had vanished through the schoolroom door. 

And yet I'm sure the angels smiled, 

And penned it down in words of gold; 

'T is such a blessed thing to see 

The young so thoughtful for the old.