My Picture



I HAVE seen a lovely picture,

'T was as sweet as sweet could be; 

'T was a group of little children

Gathered close around the knee 

Of a kingly, yet a gentle

And a loving-looking man; 

They were pressing all about him,

Just as little children can.

They were leaning on his shoulder,

They were clasped within his arms, 

As if they knew his tender love

Would shelter them from harm. 

They were sitting on his knees, and

Some were kneeling at his feet, 

And some were holding fast his robe

With their baby-fingers sweet.

And they all were gazing toward him,

And listening to his word, 

As if they loved him for his love,

And owned him for their Lord; 

While his kind lips seemed to whisper

That for every single one 

Of those precious, happy children

His own life he would lay down.

For the man was Christ our Saviour;

Little children loved him well, 

When he came to earth from Heaven

In their home for years to dwell. 

He had breathed a blessing on them,

Bright as any gift could be, 

When he said, "Let not the children

Ever be held back from me."

From his home above in Heaven

Still the sweet old words ring down, 

Telling all the little children

They may claim him for their own. 

With his blessing will he welcome

Every dear uplifted face, 

Saying, "Suffer little children

To come unto me for grace." 


in Child's Paper.